Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day Gifts

Andy and I have laid low today this Valentine's Day night but we did give some each other some pretty fabulous gifts if I do say so myself!!

I was excited to give Andy his Valentine's Day present as I have had it for a few weeks now.  It's rare that I have a gift that that long without ruining the surprise and giving it early!  I made him a love book on this fabulous website called Love Book Online.  I got this idea from Lisa as she made her husband one for Christmas.  Basically the website has a database of reasons why you may love someone.  Every page can be personalized with something that you love about the person.  You can choose from the templates they have, add texts or pictures to their templates, or make your own.  I had fun making it and I think Andy enjoyed looking through it this evening.  He even asked if he could keep it on our coffee table so he can look through it again and again!  I'm sure it will be fun to look back at throughout the years. Hard to believe this is the 9th Valentine's Day we are spending together as a couple.  Here's one of my favorites from the book:
As for my gift from Andy, I asked told him yesterday that I wanted the Michael Jackson Experience Wii game for Valentine's Day after hearing how great it was from a few friends.  I know, I know such a romantic gift, huh?  Well, when I got home today, a card and some candy awaited me.  No big deal, I had almost forgotten that I had asked for the game.  Then, I asked where he went for the card and candy.  Target.  Hmm, strange since Target really isn't on his way home from work at all.  Here's how our conversation went:  "Ohh, did you get me the MJ game since you went to Target?"  "Nah, they were sold out."  "Oh, well then did you go look at Walmart?"  "Nope, you have plenty of Wii games!"  Andy proceeded to get up to look through the few Wii games we have.  And low and behold, he pulls out the MJ game!  Wahooo!  I love it when he surprises me!
So I've been spending my Valentine's Day evening playing the game--which by the way is totally AWESOME!  I did have to cut my dancing session short as we had to turn on Jeopardy to watch"Watson" the computer take on Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter...but I'll save my opinions on Watson for another post!

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