Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Another Fun Day in the Snow

Today we enjoyed yet another snow day here in the South.  My hubbie, our best friends (also across the hall neighbors--how convenient especially on days like these!), and I ventured out for donuts.  By donuts, I mean doing donuts in a car on the snow/ice...not the kind you eat which both boys were salivating over as Lisa and I made our plans!   Sorry boys--no Dunkin' Donuts here!  We did get out and have some fun with the rear-wheel drive in the Miata in a nearby parking lot. We also enjoyed "ice skating" along the pavement when it wasn't our turn in the Miata. 

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  1. YEAH! Another blog to follow! I really like blogs where I actually know the author the best :-) I was very confused when I got a text about going to CMS for donuts. I thought it was for the needy or something!! Looks like you guys are making the most out of this crazy weather. Keep those posts coming!