Saturday, January 15, 2011

Weekend Plans

"Hey There!  Just to let you know, everything in the store is 40% off!  Is there anything in particular that I can help you with?  We just got in some great transitional pieces into Spring!  Would you like me to start you a wardrobe room?  Do you have a Style Rewards Card with us?  You know you can save 15% in addition to the 40% off promotion today!"

Just warming up for how I will spend my day today.  I will be working this afternoon at my 2nd job at The Loft.  What started out as a great store with clothes I love and my hopes of saving some money to buy a house turned into a part-time job.  I've worked at the Loft for the past year and a half and for the most part it's pretty fun.  I will say I'm really not sure how much money I've actually made working there since I tend to spend the majority of my paycheck on clothes!  I worked there much more when I only had a part time job at the school but have significantly cut back on my hours since going full time--and by cut-back I mean I work there about 2 times a month while enjoying a large discount on their merchandise!!  I actually haven't been scheduled to work since before the Christmas holidays.  Eeekk, I sure hope I remember how to ring someone up!  I've been perusing Loft's website and have my eye on a few pieces that I'll be sure to check out on my shift tomorrow.  It makes me very anxious for Spring to come!

In other big news, my father-in-law and his fiancee are coming into town today from Cincinnati.  I'm not really sure the plans but we will probably be watching the Falcons game on Saturday night (Dirty Birds!) and doing a lot of holiday-catch-up since we didn't get to see them over Christmas.

What do y'all have planned for the weekend?

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  1. Hey,hope you are enjoying being back at The Loft! I got brave and drove in the snow/ice remnants today! Went to Avenues and ate at Panera - that new Thai salad is pitiful! Broccoli cheddar soup still good, but stick w/ your Greek salad. Looked around Pier 1 (for Wedding reception ideas)and went to Posh a new boutique by VG Kroger. It was so nice outside. I did not even need a jacket, but it is very strange to see snow piled up on sides of road and in the parking lots. Hello to Bill and Dodd.