Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Nancy Kerrigan & Tonya Harding

Busted.  Flat out on the ice.

Lisa and I decided to get out of our houses apartments and do something good for ourselves after being cooped up for 3 long days!  So, off to the neighborhood's complex's workout center we went.  We made it successfully there walking.  A little slips and slides along the way but nothing major.  We both had a great workout.  It has certainly been way too long since I've been in the gym and on a treadmill.  I am not the runner-type but it did feel good to be moving--and I managed to do my own form of the "Couch to 5K" workout, running about 11 minutes total over the span of 30 minutes!  Wahoo!

After discussing the dinner and sweet treats we were dreaming of making (what else would you talk about but food after a good workout?!?), we put our coats on and ventured back outside onto the icerink.  We greeted a couple of the neighbors and the maintenance men in a truck that looked like they were putting down some anti-freeze or something.  Just as I was thinking, "Gosh, that's nice of them...3 days late but at least they're putting something down"  Lisa busted it on the ice!  Slipping onto her butt then her back I asked if she was OK...was she laughing or crying?  I couldn't decipher which.  As I was reaching down to help her up, SMACK!  There I went right down after her.  I landed on my hip (which is fine) but cut my hand on the ice.  We shared some sympathy laughs together as the people (all 5 of them!) who witnessed the scene asked if we were OK.  It's not like we were being careless before but after getting up from our fall, we were extremely careful and did make it all the way home without any further slips, falls or problems.  So much for our career as figure skaters!

Needless to say, the adventure to better ourselves has left Lisa with a heating pad on her lower back/tailbone and me with hydrogen peroxide, neosporin, and a band-aid on my left palm.  Of course, I'm being a bit dramatic.  Today's adventure certainly gave us a good laugh and a great memory! :)


  1. This is phenomenal!!! Much better write-up than mine! Yay! The pic looks bad..

  2. you try to do something good by going to the gym, and look at the thanks you get! lol