Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I went back for my final day of the textbook adoption today prepared.  A sweater and socks definitely worked wonders and made my day more enjoyable.

Besides the obvious perk of being a part of the committee that chose the dance/theatre textbooks for all the middle school programs in our county, it was also extremely nice to be finished by 3:30 in the afternoon both days!  Our middle school dismissal is not until 4:15 each day, with the buses rolling out around 4:25.  I usually don't make it out the door until at least 5, usually around 5:30.  After a 30 minute commute home, I'm usually hungry and pooped from teaching dance all day.  I usually go ahead and start dinner when I get home and then plan for the next day's classes the rest of the evening while watching T.V.and checking facebook and blogs, of course.  Anyways, I make every excuse in the book to not go work out.

Well, yesterday and today, since I was home by 4:00, I had no excuse.  I went and worked out!  Wahoo!  Now I just need to keep up the gym regiment and ramp-up my conditioning warm-ups for my students, making sure I do them with them, and cut out unhealthy snacks.  Then, surely, I'll be toned for my sister's wedding in Charleston in April!  Here's my matron of honor (bridesmaid) dress:

Isn't it pretty?!  She's having the 3 bridesmaids and me wear different shades of blue/green in the same style dress.  My color of choice is a bright aqua color.  The wedding and reception will at Boone Hall Plantation--you know, the one with the Avenue of Oaks where they filmed parts of the movie, The Notebook?

I just can't believe it's only about 2 months away--it will be here before I know it!


  1. hooray! I can't believe how close it is either! I'm so happy my sister will stand by my side as my Matron of Honor - love you!