Thursday, January 13, 2011

Cabin Fever

Well, it's another day of school closings in Atlanta!  I cannot believe it.  I just got word that there's no school tomorrow either.  The whole week off?!?  Crazy!  If I'd have known that I would have this past week off, I would have left for the beach on vaca last weekend! :) 

I'm not complaining by any means but I will admit that I am getting a little bit of cabin fever in our small apartment.  The hubbie did make it to work late this morning.  After he left I managed to shower (before 1pm--a first for this week!) and got myself out of the house!  I was on a mission:  off to Panera I went!  The Panera is less than 3 miles away and just so happens to be one of my favs! :)  Who knew soup and salad from a different place other than your own kitchen could taste so good?!

Here are a few things I've learned and/or thought about over this last week while stranded at home.
  • It's amazing how much easier it is to keep a place clean, get laundry done, and cook when you don't have a full time job or any kids to attend to!!
  • Funny how I imagined being so productive and getting a bunch of stuff done for school with my unexpected days off.  Turns out, I am pretty good at finding things to do around the house in order to procrastinate doing any sort of work for school--I did manage to do a little work last night and today.
  • Ice is slippery and you will fall.
  • It's confirmed that I'm perfectly content living here in the South--snowy, icy winters are not for me.
  • Living across the hall from your best friend is pretty frickin' awesome.
  • I've got a lot to learn about blogging--yes, I'm just starting out but I'm a bit intimidated by some pretty amazing women and their equally amazing blogs! 
What have the other Southerners out there in bloggy world learned/thought about while dealing with their own case of cabin fever?


  1. I totally agree about living in the south! I really loathe winter!!And I too think blogging ins very intimidating! I think you have to just put yourself out there!

  2. Living across from you IS awesome! :)
    I lvoe the snow but even I was ready for it to go so I am happy with the South too!